Day 2 : Pattaya

On day 2, we decided to take a long day out at Pattaya. Pattaya is this city south of Bangkok, that is bustling with tourists on the beach. At Pattaya beach, we took a jet boat, out far-far into the sea, from where you could catch these amazing views of the beach front! The jet boat ride was the bumpiest ride I’ve been on, but enjoyable, the sea breeze blows through your hair, and you get some salt on your skin.

Half way in, we stopped at this quay, to go para sailing!! Yes!! It’s a classic vacation acDSC01317tivity, where you get to feel like a bird, fly and catch breath-taking views. The lady there asked me,”Dump?”, and I had no idea what that was supposed to mean, and I said “Yeah!” anyway, who knows what would happen! I was told that after a single round, they’ll lower me, and then it’s the next persons turn. After one round, I expected that the fun was over, but, the boat pulled me further into the sea, and I was dumped! I got soaked, and, went on another round! The views were beautiful, and the feeling of being so high in the air, felt amazing.

We went further in, and nearing an island, we stopped at shallow waters, to go seal-walking! Sea-walking is another popular activity, where you’re lowered with oxygen supplies, and you can walk on the sea bed and see the life under the water! It was so beautiful! The waters were relatively clear to what I’d gone before, and the bed was teaming with life! It was like seeing the Nemo scenes for real!

After all the water activity, we were hungry!! So a short while away was an island with pristine beaches, clear azure waters, and it was sunny! Aah!! Perfect weather for a day at the beach.We tried some authentic Thai food for lunch and hit the waters.

Our guide, told us it was best to leave by 4, to beat the crowds, and honestly once we got the island, none of us felt like leaving. After many “5 more minutes”, we left and took the long boat ride to Pattaya beachfront.


The evening market on the beachfront, was very interesting. It had everything you could think of! I think amongst everything that was there, it was definitely the food, that was most interesting.Take a look!

Fried squid was certainly very very popular! Every second stall sold it! Lots of seafood was available, most of it, caught fresh and sold.They also had a variety of fried creepy crawlies for sale, cockroaches, grasshoppers and beetles being the main, along with earthworms! They packet it by price, so you could get cockroaches for 100B! If you want to ofcourse! There were plenty of fruit stalls, that sold thebest fresh fruit you could have had! My favorite was the sliced strawberries in a cup, along with Plum-sugar powder.We roamed in the markets snacking and shopping until it got really dark, and left for Bangkok.

20141128_165421                    20141128_165427


Day 1: Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

First stop for Day 1, after a long hours drive through the morning crowd in Bangkok,and then on the highway, we got to Damonoen Saduak Floating market. Yeah! That’s right – the entire market floats! Welcomed by a cool coconut drink, we head into the water village,in a really long, low boat, and what we saw after, was amazing.

The Floating market, was this bustling water town (they had junctions, and signboards on the water ways, andDSC01114 stilt houses all the way in,so it was like travelling through a town) filled with floating stalls of clothes, bags, souvenirs food, paintings and lots more. The entire market was busy with tourists, so every boat that passed you would try and make a sale.I thought the fruit was really good, and then I found that Thailand has alot(alot as in, ALOT) of good fresh fruit! Further in, we found this lady who fried hot spring rolls, and served them fresh, right off the pan! In the heart of the market, we got stuck in a traffic jam! A jam with boats! And on our ride back, we spotted a few water Comodos and snakes! Yikes!

20141127_105635                                                                                                              20141127_102718

                                                               Happy to stop, and pose!


                                                         It was really really crowded!

On the way out, we walked into this deserted Thai Restaurant, the only one on the way to our next stop.So we went in anyway, the staff at the restaurant had a problem understanding that we wanted only vegetarian food, and they started bringing out the food we’d requested, except it had prawns,squid,fish…you get it.My dad walked into the kitchen,and played a good game of charades, pointing at this and that, asking for specific vegetables only! Lesson learned! When your in Thailand, and some place outside Bangkok, it’s always best to know a few basic Thai phrases, especially if you’re a Vegetarian!

Next stop, was at Kanchanaburi, where the famous Tiger Temple is. We saw a few stray bison, cattle and deer, on the way, but most importantly, we saw grown tigers! They’ve been bred and taken care of by Monks from a temple.



                                                                    Picture time!

We went to the Sayog falls. Cold,clear water, for a hot day!Aahh!! Really nice 🙂 If you want to soak like my sister did, take an extra pair of clothes! I forgot :/



Last stop for the day, was at the Kwai trussel bridge,also called the Burma bridge, that was built in June 1942, during a Japanese invasion, when they decided to build a railway, for which the Kwai bridge was to be built across the river. During the construction,  330,000 people that worked on the line, of which 106000 died due to the difficult living conditions and dangers of construction.The bridge, still stands strong, and is operational for a railway that connects the different parts of this side of Thailand.

After that, we drove a loooooong way, back to Bangkok, and called it a night! Day 1 was a long, well-spent start to a good holiday!


Dear Men in Red.

It is time, Dear men in Red.

The battlefield awaits us,

The opponents have bought us lemons for early winter,

We must make lemonade of these lemons, 

For we deserve a sweet moment for all these days of pain,

Every drop of sweat we shed in Summer –

Collecting and safeguarding that precious talent.

They may have called us weak,

Too weak to hold up a barrier and withstand defeat,


Here we stand, In neat rows and columns,

Our heads held high, with a sense of pride,

Ready to march our way to victory,

Ready to leap across those hurdles,

with the immense grace of a Cheetah,

Ready to adorn those medals,

That shall glint bright shades of red 

when we shall win this battle.


Remember fellow men, 

We cared for one another and 

We worked every day of Summer,

like every army of ants.

And we shall win this Battle,

For we work as one,

like every army of ants.


Come Dear men in Red,

The time has come, 

to show that we’re one.





Football Rush!

It’s back, the most awaited season of the year! 

We all know how football fanatics, Stay up to watch the 9:30 pm match, then the 4:00 am match- settled in front of the TV on the edge of comfy couch, with coke and a bag of chips- to watch their favorite teams gruel it out in a 90 minute game. The joy that they get when the opponent’s best player gets a red card, the last minute goals, crumpling defeats and over-the-top victories- makes the sleepless night worth it.

We saw 32 teams qualify to participate in the games, filed in eight groups to have their play-offs in 12 different venues in Brazil.Some matches were at the peaks of excitement, others were obvious wins. We saw some extreme moments – including Uruguayan Luis Suarez biting Italian player Giorgio Chielleni and being banned for four months frm any football activity, Neymar (Brazil) injured himself in the spinal cord and will not be able to play for the next 40 days, the disappointment of Brazilian fans as they lost the Semi-Finals to Germany 7-1 in their own-soil – to name a few. In the last week of the season, Netherlands,Brazil, Argentina and Germany have made it to the top 4. Argentina and Germany will be playing for the title and the US$35 million as a team.

As I said before- The FIFA world cup is the most awaited sporting event, and in Singapore – football is a universal craze. For the Final match, more than 1000 people will meet at the Sports Hub on Monday to catch the live broadcast of the final match at 3:00 am in the morning-leaving out the rest – who will watch the match at home along with friends and family.

In the 2010 games,Argentina made it to top 6, Germany secured third place. Who are you supporting this season? Who will win the final match??

We’ve got to wait for that. The match airs on okto at 3:00 am Monday morning.

Be sure to watch and comment on who you’re supporting! 


Living in a Zombie Apocalypse

World War-Z and Pacific Rim have just pushed the bar for zombie-centered entertainment  to a whole new level, now its all about the future encounters with these monsters using epic devices and awesome technologies( talk about syncing!). After Pacific Rim, I have classmates who like preparing themselves for the biggest disaster yet – the Zombie Apocalypse (actually Kaijus, but they all seem the same!).

Its always a fun conversation to be in, I mean there are two sides – the die-hard zombie fans and the i-don’t-believe – in- it opponents and to watch them rack their brains over a not-scientifically proven topic is fun. But jokes apart, are Zombies really taking over our lives?

According to me – Zombies are the living dead, the ones who love eating the brains of the humans( see – I’m talking movie again!). The entertainment sector takes this as serious business, Halloween being the peak season.There was a big dress-up party for Halloween and more than 3/4th the party-goer’s were draped in torn black clothes,covered sick-green paint and had blood oozing down their face.I happened to be going out on Halloween eve, and trust me it looked like a mini zombie land. Some were bare footed, and walked around like the disgusting creatures in the movies – with their arms up in the air and a blank look on the face, taking penguin steps towards their meal saying – “I looooov-vve braaiiinzzz” in that tone.

I’m no video-gamer but I think its safe to say that alot of the videos games that are released are zombie themed too, I mean its about slashing zombies to their ‘death’.There’s also this app – ‘Plant vs Zombies’ that is a first person defense game with some cool animated visuals and its doing so well, that Plant Vs Zombies 2 has been released recently.

I don’t know how true it is, but alot of kids believe that monsters sleep under their bunks, because they are so cute and sweet that these monsters want to gobble them up. That only adds to the effect they have on us. There are believers in Zombies and Zombie attacks who rise up to the occasion of doomsday (like the believers of the 2012 – end of the world issue!!).

The story of Zombies has been past on over the ages that they are creatures that eat brains and I guess its true. I mean they do eat people’s brains. Now that we’re soo into these gruesome creatures, they seem to be taking over us. yes, its finally here – the Zombie Apocalypse has begun.

I am not a Zombie believer, and I don’t buy the story of the Zombie Apocalypse either. But should there be an event where there’s a zombie ”running” behind me, the first thing I’d grab and run for my brain is the Ice-cream carton in the fridge and my laptop so I can blog the whole chase and you can read it while you last!

On turning One

They all stood around me

Tall and scary

Mum carried me,

There were flashes of light

on my face,

My eyes fluttered,

They were too bright.

It was all loud and grown up.

The crowd had unpleasant treats,

Broccoli,salad, spinach and Pizza-

Where had my favorite porridge gone??

The fire stood high and hot

Right next to my face

As they sang the Birthday song

They were such a disgrace

They sang loud and hoarse,

The experience was incredibly coarse!

The whole idea makes me wan to cry and panic,

Its like having a stomach upset,

Too much to handle,

I thought it was my Birthday,

I thought it was what I wanted,

I thought it would be people of my age,

But now I realize,

The experience was as close to a crumpled page.

Now what am I to do??

I’m too cute to say –

That I want things my way,

Too naiive to form words and sentences.

This is to all my younger brothers and  sisters,

Turning one is not an easy job

You are expected to crawl,talk and

start eating all sorts of hell.

Your tough time starts

at the ring of the clock bell,

On turning One.

I wrote this poem, imagining I was a new one year old and what it would be like to celebrate my 1st Birthday.Having been to birthdays like this before, I guess its true that a first birthday is not exactly a celebration for the birthday kid, but mostly get-together for all the grown-ups at the party!



This poem is based on the story that goes around Tithonus, who was considered one of the most handsome men (Priam’s brother) amongst the Greek mythological characters. He was an earth man, who fell in love with Aurora – the god of Dawn, and even granted him a boon for their marriage. To meet Aurora’s immortality and live with her the rest of his life – Tithonus asked her for the gift of Immortality, but forgets to include immortal youth.He grew older and older with time.


Forever doesn’t mean good,

Forever doesn’t feel good,

I asked for a boon that deprived me of what i desired,

‘Immortality’ it was called.

Safe and Sound I thought it was,

Well my Hours are limitless,

But my Body is older,

I may not die, But I will suffer..


My wrinkled skin touches the

clear,undust glass, that

covers the dial, and the Hours pass.

I never grew younger,

every dawn brought my peers rejuvinating power,

their eyes brighter, their skin glowed,

glowed with the morning star.

Every dawn brought me a nightmare,

Every dawn made me realize,

That I am coverde by the walls,

That can never be broken,the walls of Time.


The fact that I look old,

withered and useless,

That I have no power,

like the “Immortal”, the “All mighty”,

the careless soul that granted me this boon,

I am no God! I am no use.


With every ring of dawn,

I only plead further –

Please let me go,

Let me become an earthly,

Let me complete that cycle-

Made from earth and return to earth.

But the Supreme Power said ,

with tears in his eyes –

“What God grants, He cannot recall

my child..”


The moral – It is not a wise idea to wish fir something that is against natures ways.Make the right and complete choices.Think twice before you say.